Rendezvous Points

Redezvous Points

Internationally known as one of the Coastal Countries, India’s Coastline runs into almost 7500 kms!.. Actually an entire Lifetime can insufficient for Adventure Thrills !! You can be suddenly discovering a distant tiny village, or spotting an ancient archeological wonder like Fort, Temple, Church, etc, or just a small stretch of Virgin Island Beach !!!..

Elephanta Caves

Visited by thousands of Tourists for both their historical & aesthetic values, are the 7th century Rock- cut Temples of Elephanta near the Mumbai Harbor. Once known as Gharapuri or Fortress City, the Caves are now designated as World Heritage !..

Murbad Janjira

Historically termed impregnable, the 16th century Janjira Fort stands on an island at just a couple of nautical miles from the peaceful fishing town of Murud, popular due to pristine Palm – fringed beach!..


Right on the beach stands the famous Ganesh temple Carved from a single massive Rock, 400 yrs ago!.. The sleepy town is equally famous for Sky-blue watered White-sand beach, spanning almost 5 miles !!..

Oriental Pearl

Also known as Tourist Paradise, Goa Mumbai’s next neighbor, is internationally famous for ancient architectural splendors of massive Cottages, Cathedrals, Temples and so many big & small beaches…

Oriental Pearl

Known for the proximity of tranquil Beach-town Harihareshwar & Kalbhairav Shiva temple, the Historic Capital of Decision making Marathas, Shriwardhan the jewel of Konkan coastline is immensely irresistible to any adventurous tourist!..


Famous for almost 2.5 miles beach spanning between two whispering ghat ranges, Kashid is a quaint seaside town !..


Not overlooking the fact that Adventure & Thrill are also entailed by Risk factor, MUMBAI YACHT CLUB Boats are well equipped with all the latest Safety Devices like Radar, Chart Plotter, Fish Finder, GPS, Boat Tracker, VHF Communications, Life Jackets & Trained Seamen, Safe being the parallel Priority!..